Combinal Lash Tint


Eyelash and eyebrow tinting creates that all-important definition and adds both frame and structure to your face.

“Round-the-clock” effect: with dyed lashes, you wake up with looking like you already have light eye make-up applied. Tinted lashes look longer and more voluminous. Lash tinting is a great option for women who lead a busy lifestyle and the perfect solution for brighter and more beautiful eyes! For women who have poorly shaped eyebrows, COMBINAL tint is ideal to enhance them and give them a more beautiful shape, resulting in a very natural look yet defined look.

The highlight of our COMBINAL range ist the salon-exclusive Permanent Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint treatment to create long lasting and immediate color results.

We conduct mandatory certification training courses for professional use of our COMBINAL Permanent Tint. Following completion of training, you will receive a certificate entitling you to use these products.