Just Gel • Cosmic Red (Glitter)

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BD Just Gel Polish
It's the gel you love in a easy to polish application! ibd Just Gel Polish, 100% pure gel that is LED and UV curable. Just Gel Polish provides durable, strong protection for the natural nails while polishes on with rich, even coverage. Just Gel Polish is a simple and easy system that creates a long lasting gel manicure.

This Shade
Deep Sparkly Red Just Gel Polish Finish: Glitter

Why We love It
Simple, easy to use gel colour at an affordable price. With a huge selection of colours, what's not to love?

1. Cleanse the nails with cleansing solution or 99% alcohol & buff with a soft buffer
2. Use IBD Powerbond for longest lasting results
3. Apply 1 layer of IBD Base Coat - do not touch the cuticle or surrounding skin
4. Apply colour of your choice, in thin layers, curing in between each layer
5. Finish with a thin coat of IBD Top Coat. Wipe with cleansing solution to reveal shine