Just Gel - Northern Nightcap MAGNETIC Gel

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 ibd introduces Aurora Nights, a dazzling, adventurous collection of marbleized shades inspired by the shimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. Coax a “cat eye” line from the deep, rich colors of this magnetic gel polish using the enclosed magnetic stick. Aurora Nights features six new celestial shades in our iconic Just Gel Polish formula.

Our specially formulated gel contains 20% more pigment than competitors' gel, for a more defined Aurora Nights-inspired look. Our one of a kind, highly pigmented shades come paired with a paddle shaped magnet to allow for endless designs to be created, by simply waiving the magnet over the gel. Available in 6 alluring shades. 

Available in 6 beautiful magnetic gel colours.

Northern Nightcap - a rich chocolate brown with a hint of garnet


Sold Separately:

Fire & Iceland - a bright bold mix of purple and pink

Electro-Violet - a deep purple with a vein of amethyst

Midnight Blues - a midnight blue with a sky-coloured twinkle

Striking Skyline - a dark emerald green with a sparkle of mint

Polar-rizing - a gorgeous combination of slate and silver